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We work with you to replace error-prone spreadsheet usage by rapidly building cloud-based solutions on industry-leading Low-Code Platforms


We can leverage our technology core to save countless hours of work by automating repetitive and manual tasks with scalable software solutions

Community Engagement

Use our technology which integrates with various platforms to engage your organization with your community through surveys, email communications, and more

Unlock & Extend the Power of Low-Code

Low-Code Platforms, such as Quickbase®, are great tools for building cloud-based applications for managing organizations. Our team brings over a decade of experience building enterprise Low-Code applications for multiple Low-Code Platforms.

If you have unique use-cases and are limited with the native capabilities of the platform, we also have extensive experience engineering custom add-ons to these Low-Code Platforms to make your solutions both complete & affordable!

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Supporting Awesome Features for Both Users & Developers

We build packaged software to help us support awesome features for our users and our core solutions! These can also be made available to developers as software libraries to use in other systems - contact us if you would like to take advantage of the capabilities these packages offer.

Dynamic Theming with Anvilor NGX-Theming

Built on top of the Angular Material library, Anvilor NGX-Theming is a library that brings powerful theming capabilities to Angular projects with a simple API for managing themes. Support runtime or client-configured themes, light-and-dark mode, and more, to bring great

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NGX Theming Demo Video

Quickbase API Python Client

Quickbase Client Package

The open-sourced quickbase-client project is sponsored and managed by Anvilor Solutions. This library gives python applications an easy interface to the Quickbase API for advanced integrations, custom workflows, and more!

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